Wild On Fitness BOOT CAMP

Wild On Fitness offers Boot Camp Fitness Classes & a variety of other fitness classes.

NOW until January 31st, 2015
Save $99 on the upcoming February 2015 BOOT CAMP Fitness Classes!




Boot Camp Times:

5:30am-6:30am Monday, Wednesday & Friday

(must have a minimum of 10 paying clients per time slot)

ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME and ALL exercises can be modified depending on your fitness level. Even though this is a group format everybody gets personal attention. Don’t sell yourself short, you can do more than you think you can!

ALL EQUIPMENT is provided for you! I supply all the major fitness equipment you see below. All you need to bring is your Commitment, bottle of water, sweat towel & yoga mat (or large beach towel)
You will be working out with various equipment; such as hand weights, resistance bands, stability balls, medicine balls, agility ladders, kettle bells, suspension bands, battle ropes, water medicine balls & more.


All Workouts are different every single day. No day’s workout will be the same! Various challenging workouts maybe; INSANITY, PIYO, HIIT, Power Sculpt, Kettle Bell Workout, Agility Day, Pyramid workouts, Max Out, HardCore, 3 by 3 and MORE!


These workouts will be sprinkled through out the 4 weeks to change up the routine & ensure you don’t plateau!


InsanityLogoBlackINSANITY: Yes it is the real INSANITY. Created by Shaun T & Beachbody you can now take an INSANITY Class. Certified instructor will show modifications and make the workout as HARD or as EASY as you need it. No matter what you will sweat and need to “Dig Deep” cuz “This is Banana’s Yo”

PiYo Strength:  PiYo created by Chalene Johnson is a perfect blend of flexibility & strength training.  You will increase core strength, stability, agility, flexibility & overall body strength using your own body as resistance. No weights and low impact on your joint & body . This isn’t just a yoga or just a pilates class. PiYo is so much more.
Power Sculpt
Power Sculpt: A full body toning classes using hand weights. Using lighter weight & lots of reps you will feel the burn for sure
H.I.I.T: Stands for High Intensity Interval Training. H.I.I.T workouts will be quick short burst of energy going your hardest possible then a very short resting break (ex. 60 seconds hard 15 seconds rest) Will get your heart pumping for sure!

W.O.D: Work Out of the Day. This work out could be anything & you wont know until you show up in the morning. Here are just a few of the things that could be on the plate for Saturday (PiYo, INSANITY, Power Yoga, KickBoxing, 100’s, H.I.I.T, Power Sculpt, Kettle Bell, Agility Course, Boot Camp)

Each Fitness Session last 4 weeks total! There are a variety of times that you are able to come depending on your schedule. Some love to work out early in the morning and “GET R DONE” before work or school and others want to work out after you are done for the day. Either way there are times that should be able to work for you. **Each time frame must have a minimum of 10 paying clients to hold that time. There will be a daily text to check in for a before class role call.


Below you will see the tentative upcoming 2015 Boot Camp Session dates, these dates may change. Each session last 4 weeks.


January 5th-January 31st

February 2nd-February 28th

March 2nd-March 28th

For pictures from various Boot Camp, PiYo, & INSANITY Classes click the camera icon


All Classes for Wild On Fitness Arlington, Tx are held at Stovall Park

2800 W Sublett Rd, Arlington, TX 76001
Classes are Rain or Shine unless dangerous conditions!





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Sign up NOW for the 2015 February session. 4 weeks of 3 classes per week 12 classes total. Mon, Wed & Friday 5:30am-6:30am On Regularly $199 ON SALE for 50% off = $99. Must be paid by Jan 31st, 2015 to lock in this price. Click on the PayPal logo to purchase.

50% off February 2015 Boot Camp Classes Regular $199 Now only $99

Print out the registration form, fill out the information (full measurements are not needed), bring form with you on your first day of classes. Click here to download the PDF file







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